R.A. Morton
Regarding the Traverse County Law Enforcement Center Jobsite

"Having worked in the construction industry for 20 + years I have had the opportunity to work with a tremendous amount of different contractors whose performance has ranged from totally unacceptable to top notch. I would like to commend the Pauly Jail crew of Travis Bush, Glen Riggs and Rollie Whitcomb for their performance which I would rate as the best I have experienced as a field construction manager. Their commitment to safety not only for themselves but for all on site has been excellent. They are the first contractors I have ever had on a jobsite site that I have not had to remind of at least one OSHA law. Their workmanship, coordination with other trades, daily and weekly clean up and overall performance has been excellent. Your company should be proud of the image these three are portraying."

Don Emslander
Field Construction Manager

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