Regarding various projects

"…I have worked with Bob Pohrer and Joe Pohrer, the owners of this company, on may jail, juvenile detention, work release and state correctional facility projects over the past several years. Pauly Jail has consistently provided excellent technical support, timely submission of complete and accurate submittals for review to the design team and superior construction field services on every one of my projects.

The Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility was a "fast track" design and construction project. This $ 37,000,000 project commenced construction in August 1998. The settlement agreement with the Federal court required completion of construction by July 1, 2000. The detention hardware packages for five bid packages involving ten buildings were provided as required by each contractor in full and without error or defect. The State of Indiana has even offered its compliments to the project team for meeting this challenging schedule.

The LaGrange County Jail project was completed ahead of schedule and also under budget. Again the detention hardware products were provided for this $ 8,500,000 project in accordance with construction schedule without delay or defect. The project was completed 90 days ahead of the contract schedule. This project also required additional coordination by the construction team due to the incorporation of pre-fabricated cells into the project.

The Pauly Jail Company works hard at excellence and aligns itself with companies sharing similar ideals. They understand the DEC business and the types of products that assure the success of a project. More importantly, they have the knowledge and experienced staff necessary to achieve success."

John D. Staley, AIA
Division Manager, Architecture

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